End of chapter as an employee
Wednesday, 31 July 2013 @ 07:18

Alhamdulilah , I had three months to gain work experience, true. Working is  more difficult than learning. If I am given a choice, learning is an option for me. I have gathered a lot of experience, getting to know people, know the environment and responsibility.

So this is my journey for my first experience working 'part-time'.

The experience began in a bookstore (prefer to be untold) , at first I thought, maybe working in bookstore is not so bad, but the thought  dampened when I was working there, worse, tired and sadistic.

There are divided into their department , but I was sooooo unlucky to get the magazine department . Honestly I'm not very interested in the magazine, the day I was interviewed , I may be placed as cashier but this may be my soul mate.

At that time I worked in the care of my magazine  boss. But the knowledge that could be passed to me just 2 weeks. I feel myself great because I can handle a difficult  department. (wahaha) Then I was given a full responsibility to handle magazine department. Can you all imagine  I had just work  two weeks, but it is given a huge responsibility.I was the boss and I was stiff .

At first it is quite difficult and hard for me to take on that responsibility. I feel what I have done, for them was wrong and  I am very stupid and slow. I cried , quite bad. Not in front of them . Only my magazine boss know. But thanks to him because always give me supportive even he was 'there'  . Thanks a lot until now I can survive . Thanks boss !

Then, I got to knowing back-office staff . Miss Suria . Initially for me, she hates me, but after know her real. She is a gentle person. It's nice to get acquainted with her . Then , Mr. Akmal  .For me they are complementary each other , if  one of them  wasn't  there seriously  not lively back-office . Seriously, I love working with  both of them .

Then getting know them ...

Actually they do not allow employees to wear hijab besides white and black but who cares I am wearing .

Okay so from my left , my lilttle girl Miss Hanna . First knowing  her ,  is a big laugh . Every single word I said or whoever said  she will laugh (no matter is was funny or serious) . Sometimes I feels like 'something wrong with her ' but then 'she is happy go lucky ' that' s why I loved friend with her . (Gonna miss you 'mengilai ' ) then that little girl Miss syahirah (I'm so sorry sometimes I will call you Sazana ) she is ' amjah punya ' hehe . Just kidding . Stationary girl . Sometimes I called her the' silent girl ' .

-Seriously I'm kindda love 'bitches' word hihi with new workers aqilah so wish you luck working there .

Okay then this my girly-girl . Thanks for Zahrah  because  willing to make a cake for us resigned today. Sorry do not have time to take this a little earlier. Wuaaa . They said it was tasty ! . Who Zahrah ? at the back ! the hottest girl . Then following another hottest girl to the  front (aqilah. farhana and anis )

End for now . Sorry  for those who I am  not mention and wasn't in the  picture . I'm asking them to wassap but yeah too late so you miss it ! .

But knowing you guys seriously it was so awesome !


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