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Is okay to quit the job

Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers,

Hi is been long time I didn’t post anything. Here’s come a carrier life. To be honest, I just can’t believe I am already on carrier journey. Is not what I do expect. Yes, high expectations do kill you so don’t expect too much yeah. But at the same time, I am enjoying my life because they will be something new I have learnt not just in my working things but also myself. You know, sometimes, if feels like I just discover myself   what I love what I hate, is so interesting. Yeah, I know it does sound pretty weird but yeah.  It feels like you are trying to know yourself more.

I know I didn’t deserve to write this thing, but it’s okay, this is my opinions. So the topic, I would like to write is ‘is okay to quit your job’ wuuuuuu. I know is sound cliché and I only quit just one job I know, I know, but I still want to write it. To be honest, I am so grateful what I own now. Is not a perfect job I have dream. Working hours 9 am to -5 pm , Saturday and Sunday off, hanging out with colleagues, loving my job and etc. Dear fresh grad, please don’t put high expectation like this it does kill you. Is totally not guys, but I do grateful to get working hours and at least Sunday is my off day. The thing that I love my job is I don’t brag my job to home. Do you know what I mean? . Once I face screening and that’s done. Working life is working life, my life is my life ‘do not disturb’ mode on.

Back to the topic, is okay to quit the job. First, when you do not have a serious commitment. Yes, if you don’t have a very serious commitment you can quit your job. Finding a new job is not that easy, okay guy. I know someone would advise you, quit your job when you already find a new job in a new company. I have been that phase, but I quit when I do not have any job yet why?

First- it’s so hard to get my off day; I need to apply two weeks earlier. Attending interview is not you got to book two weeks earlier. Do you know what I meant? Usually when you got called for an interview they will ask you as early  as possible or one week if you lucky enough so yeah

Two- Because I do not have any serious commitment, sometimes I do wonder  why people still working here, even they know it does make them unpleasant. When I do my own research and thoughts, mostly they already married or a bit older (near to retirement phase)  so I take my opportunity since I do not have any serious commitment yet, I will try to find a  new job which I might like or I think I can grow.

Three - When you already in phase ‘enough is enough ‘and you are feelings like this place is wouldn’t let your  growth. Please do not get me wrong, I am do grateful work in my previous place because it is where I started to know about the system which it also implements in my working life right now. I do feel thankful for my previous working place because of it is where I started to learn everything but sending my resign letter also one of thing that I never regret. When you already reached one point you need a new environment, new place and new routine then yeah just quit the job. One of my colleague gives me advice ‘this place is just for your learning points, grab knowledge like one year until you can handle everything then if you think  there are nothing new you learnt then you should go’  so yeah.

Four- When you have  already sent  the resign letter, make a pre plan -after I send my resignation letter , I do  plan sending my resume like a day I will send like 2 or 3 resumes  to the company. Oh another thing also, financial planning,. When you know you want to resign at least kept one month salary as a backup during your ‘seeding phase’ at least you got some money to attending the interview for the transport fee or staying one or two days  so yeah. Planning also need.  

I do believe my rezeki is out there the only thing I just need to work a little harder to find  a new light. Pperghh so yeah here’s some  my opinions that I have been thru, so please do not get afraid. Everyone has been the pace of switching new job. Don’t worry just trust in Allah, I do believe my rezqi didn’t depend on people Allah is the best planner just a little bit of hard work and efforts. 

Alhamdulilah I got my second job within like a month. So goodluck for you out there, do not be afraid. Believe in yourself and Allah plan. Everything is gonna be okay. Your life is to short to be stuck in one working place that's makes you unhappy or stress. I do believe , there's others company will appreciate your work and your effort. They are waiting for you. May Allah ease your journey!    


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