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Finn du chapitre 12/12 (version 2017)

Assalamualaikum and peace upon you guys,

First of all, happy new year! And yes I know, I am quite late but well still in February right? Still count. Anyway as usual I will do my recap for good memories happened in my 2017. Frankly talking, 2017 is one of my favourite years because so many big events happened in my life and I guess 2018 is a big step for me to go thru ‘adulthood’ arena.

1) Went to Cambodia x Bangkok

Photos by myself

Alhamdulilah I’ve accomplished to un-tick one of my must lists, one year one country but it bonus I went two countries. Actually, this plan is ‘spontaneous adventure’.  This is some short story ; I got a text from Yana told me ‘ ticket tengah murah jom’ and I said ‘ jom’ and on that night we brought that flight tickets . I never told my parents I just ‘do it’ see kerja gila to be honest I have been waiting to do this ‘kerja gila’ .  A month before I went to Cambodia, I told my parents ‘ I have already bought the tickets, hotel already book, already exchanged the money (which is before this I never knew Cambodia use USD dollar guys)  can I go?’ guess what they say ‘ yes la’ huhu. I will plan to do this kind of trick again. Do first then think huhu (only applicable for some issues)

For further information and itinerary. You may click here Cambodia x Bangkok

2) I  am hired, I got the job

A week after I went back from Bangkok, I already employed. Alhamdulilah, one of my missions to own a job before my graduation, this is because I want to pay my graduation fees with my own money. Accomplish.   Even though is not my dream job, but I still pursues it trying my best to gain experience, knowledge and money huhu because I hate waiting ‘tangan kosong’.

3) Graduating on time

Photos by myself 

Another big event is my graduation day. No words can describe how happy I am and also sad because I am gonna go thru adulthood which is I am soooo not ready. Thank you to my parents who pay all my University fees for 7 semesters (freedom from PTPTN), support me from behind, back, ups, downs. Sorry I cannot repay you guys with ‘dean selimpang’ but you guys still proud of me *insert cry emoji* . My friends who always support me no matter what we have been thru ‘drama’ and the person who came on my graduation day who always support me especially during my exam weeks. Thank you guys, I do love every single of you.

4)Become one of Allah guests

Photos by myself

I guess this is the highlight for my 2017 , Alhamdulilah, I get the opportunity went  Madina and Mecca to perform Umrah with my parents and little sister. Frankly talking, I never thought I would get this kind of opportunity to be Allah’s guest; it’s such a blessed and grateful. I already miss this place so much and I hope every single of you guys who read also can go there. InsyAllah. This  really makes  me ‘eye opening’ which is if you have an opportunity to go went you are still young, you must go because for me the younger you are and ‘mampu’ from you good health condition is better and you are more focus to perform ibada’ . The clammiest feeling I have been feels entire of my life and clammiest place I have been especially in Madinah. I feel I want to own a house there. *doakan guys*  

Okay ,that’s all my recap 2017. Hope you guys also have a great year in 2017. For 2018, as usual I am not gonna put and high hopes but I will try my best to keep busy as much as I can. Read as much as I can to avoid me to waste my time because time is gold especially when your age kept increasing. That’s  scary. Trying to control and monitor my finances because adulthood alerts. My dad already gave us some responsibility in paying some bills *laugh emoji* 

Hello 2018 and hello Adulthood.

May Allah ease for this year

- AU REVOIR 2017-


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