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End of chapter as degree student

Assalamualaikum and peace upon to you,

Thank you for the flowers and chocolates 

            First and foremost, I am so thankful and grateful to Allah Almighty, who gave me an opportunity to continue my study to degree level and also graduate on time. I am so beyond happy and kind of sad, I do miss me being as a student and 4 years roller coaster journey in my University.
Dear reader, this gonna be a long appreciation story and some introduction of my journey so yeah.
On the 19th of November 2017, I am officially graduated as ‘Bachelor of Tourism Management with (Hons)’which means I am officially ending up me as a degree student. The feelings are so mixed up, it’s hard to explain in words, but I know you guys will understand right.

             Studying in Tourism is not my choice neither both my parents. Frankly talking, I never applied in UPU for tourism course and I never think that I would end up as tourism student. To be honest, during my first day orientation in my University only 2 people include me did not apply the course but I get it or I called it ‘takdir’ or other people called it ‘course lelong’ . All my friends, they do apply, but their last choice or second last but they do apply.

              Only Allah knows how depress I am, it feels like you’ve been studying hard for almost 4 years in accounting, but  you end up some course that you didn’t apply for. The most heart-breaking when some people look down on your course and both my parents disagree for me continue studying in this course. Both my parents asked me to change my course, like almost a year I got that pressure every time when I went back it would be same dialog ‘ kenapa tak tukar course?’ my replied will be silence and silence.

              As I mention I called takdir, when I do my Istiqarah my prayers were answered when I ‘lepaking’ alone at accounting building and I saw some of account students crying (not only one but it’s like I am surrounded with people crying on that time, I pernah juga menagis pasal account so I faham perasaan itu) and my instinct smack me hard at that moment suddenly some inner voice pop up in my mind ‘do I really want to continue in accounting? It’s weird that you have never applied this course, but Allah plans you continue in this course, why do I doubt on this, didn’t I see this as something Allah wants to show me?’ All those questions or thoughts suddenly pops out of my mind and then I decide to continue on Tourism course that I know and have faith that Allah always have a better plan for me.

              Because of this course, I never thought actually I am in love with travelling; exploring the world, knowing the culture, environment, meeting the strangers. I never thought in my live I am gonna travels, been a few of countries which means I am ‘accidently’ finding my passion within this course. That’s the reasons I called ‘ takdir’ . Allah does know best for you just have strong faith in it.  Thank you Allah.

Next, my appreciations speech goes to both of my parents:

This is nothing to compare with your guys punya 'pengorbanan' to be honest

             Even though I have received strong opposition from them, but end up they are the strongest supporter for this 4 year journey. Always be there, always know I can do better even though I almost (well most of the time) giving up but both my parents put trust in me. They are the main reasons I never tried to get dean’s list and good result. Is kind of sad I didn’t manage to get first class degree (lagi 0.1 jea) is only slightly different but they still stand proud of me. Thank you dear mak abah. I know this is only a bit achievement to compare both of my parents scarified but I wish you guys stays strong don’t get old too soon. I have more to show.


From left (Shyra) without juba because she grad next day sorry I can't make it on your graduation day, akk yas paling comel, paling hot kat depan tu and right the most crazier Aini nampak alim tp erm hahah  

            To my KLIANS ( Shyra) play a role as my roommate, akk yas and Aini, my supporter, friends, also my fans (huhu) for 4 years journey in University. I am gonna miss all those tears and laughter, gossiping, our ice cream talk till mid night bawah pokok. We laugh out loud, seakan dunia ini kita punya and pretty obvious the loudest laugh will be me. Knowing you guys is the best thing that happened in my life, knowing you guys since day one when I’m stepping  into University life is the best journey and Alhamdulilah we still stick together even though distance keeps us apart. Pergh jiwang kau.

                 Thanks for Shyra (my roommate) who always be patience when comes to daun pandan,bau keow teow and seanggkatan dengan ‘bau’ sanggup buang because I hate that smell. I am super-duper very sensitive when comes to smell. Thanks for always lending your ears and thoughts when I need sesi meluahan perasaan because I can’t hold my feelings when I tak puas hati dengan seseorang or seeing something attract me. I love to tell stories even tupai lalu I jumpa  tepi jalan, pokok tebalik I will tell. Thank you for standing strong be my roommate for almost 4 years without any arguments and drama.

             Thanks akk yas and also Aini who always be patience and always gave me freeeeeeeeeee fooooooooooodddddddd whenever they hang out with their friends. Pretty obvious I am introvert person and kindda nerdy. The library is my favorite place whenever I have free time include Friday and Saturday sometimes I will spend all my morning in library and during evening sport centre, for the gym session, 6:30 pm turun beli makanan untuk dinner than terperuk dekat bilik sepanjang malam. This routine goes by until 7th semester. I don’t socialize like 3 of them; this is the reasons why I have a small circle of friends. Small but qualities gituw
Above all I am gonna miss out wild partying.

 me trying to blend it with Dewan Muazam Shah 's white wall 

              Lastly, thank you for all, whoever I know directly or indirectly, I do believe everyone I have met or knowing do play roles in contributing me to achieve for my big day or my graduation day. Thank you May Allah blesses each of you guys.

 -E N D  O F   D E G R E E   J O U R N E Y - 


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