#Quick update 14
Monday, 27 June 2016 @ 23:05

Peace Upon to You and hello everyone,

Jeyaa D is back. Alhamdulilah finally I have ended my six semester for this year, so another one semester left for #roadtointership cewah. Alhamdulilah everything goes well kot? I guess and I hope so. Oh yeah, happy Ramdhan Mubarak hopefully our good deeds will be accepted by Allah. Ameen.

So today, I really want to share with you guys which I found it is really benefiting. Have you ever wondered every time when you read Al –Quran then you go thru it translation, which mine in ‘Bahasa’ and certain phase you just do not understand what does it really mean. Even though it is already translated into your language, but some meaning it is really hard to understand. (Kadang-kadang ada maksud tersirat)  then I found this video which is from Mukfti Malik the topic of ‘Save Yourself’ that he doing in the episode throughout the month of Ramdhan. May Allah bless him. It is really helpful, he will explain certain verse and Surah in Al- Quran with very simple and easy to understand.  You guys can try to find it on YouTube.  Try to listen at first episode that explain about Surah Al –Baqarah.

My tips when you hear this talk, try to also hold your Al- Quran. When he mentions or recite the verse try to find and read along, then you will be more understanding and highlight the points. It’s really helpful and makes you closer to Allah and Al-Quran. So, happy Ramadhan Mubarak and try to pursue for the last of 10th Ramadhan which is the night of ‘Lailatul- Qadar’. I hope my post will give benefit to you guys even though I am not pious, just a normal person, it’s just a little information that might help me as a ticket to Jannah. Amen. May Allah bless you guys and hopefully we are part of the chosen one by Allah. From this talk you will learn a lot, trust me. 

Assalamualaikum :)