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Hello and peace upon to you all my readers and people who maybe accidentally click my blog ,

welcome back and it's me D back again. So how's your semester break? Good ? well, to be honest this my semester break kindda productive and I am quite busy with my DIY stuff and yeah sleeping and eating obviously. It's kind of sad that I still have 3 semesters to go because to finish my degree it takes 4 years. Bertabahlah wahai hati. Only one year and half jea. Is okay maybe my rezeki belajar kn.

So for this semester break I travel to Sabah for two weeks with my friend Piqa. We meet once for a year because long distance friendship relationship anyway thanks Piqa for bring me tour around Sabah well I hope you guess enjoy my story and I hope this may help for you guys who plan to go to Sabah someday. 

At first I am gonna review the city of Sabah which is Kota Kinabalu City . I stayed for two weeks at my friend's house so I don't know about the price  or any hotel there I am sorry but you guys do not have to worry because there are many backpackers hotel in Kota Kinabalu City with suitable price I guess. There are many mall and food stalls / restaurants  you can get it because it located in the middle of city and it's quite near by each other . Lol dah nama dekat middle city kn. 

One of the restaurants I will suggest you guys is 'Pasta Pasta' 

so cute 

Pretty obviously they sell pasta dish but in very reasonable price. All pasta RM 6.90 okay and  it is delicious. You should or I can say must try it RM 6.90 okay sangat. 

Next, we went to dancing water fountain which is located near the Kota Kinabalu Airport 2 . I guess and also near with beach. You guys can enjoy the view. If you guys want to watch this dancing water fountain it has its own schedule which is at 8.00 pm until 9.30 pm. 

yes it is so pretty 

You guys can enjoy this view while enjoy your dinner. You can bring your food here . I bring that pasta here huhu. Then, we hang out near the beachfront to take the evening breeze while listening to the sound of water splashing. It feels very calm. 

At night 

During day 

To be honest this is my favorite spot to hang out and you can enjoy the view of the skyscrapers buildings and  sea breeze. 

You also can visit 'Blue Mosque' that located in the Kota Kinabalu City. I find out many tourist visit here , it also called ' floating mosque' . 

Pretty right ?

According to internet source the design of this 'blue mosque' is quite similar with Nabawi Mosque in Medina, Saudia Arabia but I am not sure about it because I never go there (Medina) but hope so I will someday. InsyaAllah. They also provide paddle boats ride for visitors could see mosque from water but when I was there they tie up the paddle boats .I am not sure whether this service still available or not. But this place it is very beautiful. 

The view of Kota Kinabalu city from top 

There have the place whereas you guys can take picture for whole of Kota Kinabalu city from top but this picture I take from top but only at shoulder road so it quite hodoh , it has their owns spot. 

Next destination is Kundasang , Sabah . Yes it is a must place you should go. 

From Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang it is quite far which is it takes 2 hour journey drive. We rent a car which is cost for RM 80 for a day (manual) if auto  RM 90 . We set off from Kota Kinabalu at 7 am , it is winding road so it is quite dangerous whoever not expert in driving which is me . 

This is the view from car on the way to our destination 

it is so pretty worth to wake up early . The mountain shrouded with mist

Hello Kota Kinabalu mountain 

Our first stop which is the stop for you guys to take pictures with  one of the highest mountains in the    South East Asia

There are a lots of stops for you guys to take pictures view of Kota Kinabalu mountain on the shoulder road so you guys should be more careful to stop your vehicle on the road , as I mention above the road is very winding. 

Our second stop for taking picture because the view is so magnificent 

p/s my advice is better you guys come here early so you can enjoy this beautiful view.  
Our first destination is Ranau which is located quite far from Kundasang area. My friend told me when you travel to Kundasang it is better start from Ranau first then come down to Kundasang back , why? read this blog at the end huhu 

Ikan Kelah

Our first destination is Kelah because pretty obvious Ikan Kelah . This location is quite secluded you guys should use waze/ GPS to find this location , you guys only see this Kelah signboard which is fish big signboard beside the road. 

The ticket price is RM 3.00 per person for Malaysian and RM 10.00 per person for International for just soak your feet for 15 minutes. I am not happy because RM 3.00 for 15 minutes it too quick we cannot feels the enjoyment of Kelah fish playing my feet with this 15 minutes time length and I kind of surprise which is you must pay RM 5.00 if you want to take picture in this location even you use your own smartphone. This is my first time in my life heard kind of this crap stuff (well I know this is for their profit) but this is nature view and God creatures why should people use this to gain their profit . But I am not pay for that so I take this picture illegally. Pandai-pandai la nak hidup huhu. They also provide fish food RM 0.20 so for me it okay lah. 

Our second destination is Poring Hot Spring 

The ticket price is RM 5.00 per person for Malaysian for International I can't remember .You guys can bring your own clothes for 'bermandi-manda' here. The water is so cold and refreshing yeah waterfall kn , but I just soak my feet again because my friend malu nak mandi so I pun malu la jugak eventho I nak mandi haha . 
Then in Poring Hot Spring they also have their second attraction which is Canopy Walk for 5 meters (I guess) . Yup you must pay the entrance fee is RM 3.00 per person and if you guys want to take pictures on the Canopy Walk is RM 5.00 for smartphone yeah so I not taking the picture because they have people watching here so I don't dare to do it , kind of sayang my RM 5.00 kot 

On my way to canopy walk 

For me it is not challenging at all cewah because it is quite short but it is kind of fun looking my friend screaming because she afraid of height (sorry not sorry). 

Then we stop for Zuhur pray in Kundasang , the top it has mosque there. In Kudasang it is very cold and the air is very clean and refreshing .  I suggest you guys wear thick clothe. The water it feels like the water from the fridge it is so cool. No wonder people in Sabah they have fair skin. 

Our last destination is Desa Cattle Farm which is a must place you guys must go 

The ticket price is RM 5.00 per person for you guys to enjoy this view and see the black and white cow . 

Fresh milk gelanto ice cream RM 5.90 

I have try Durian milk ice cream it is quite nice too. You guys should try. My friend said we were lucky because usually the queue to buy this ice cream it is very long and usually this ice cream will finish early so once you arrive here get ice cream first okay. 

Black and white cow (acah-acah Switzerland )

If you guys want to visit here , I suggest is better you guys come at 2.00 or 3.00 pm and above because according to my friend she said if you guys come here early at morning you guys will not see the cows because I don't know maybe during evening is their grazing time I guess. 

And yeah then we back to Kota Kinabalu . My friend told me that it is quite dangerous to drive during night because they did not have lamp road and the road condition it scare me plus my friend driving skills like a drifter scare me too. We were lucky because after we finish visit all this attraction it is raining so we drive back to Kota Kinabalu back. 

   Bye cows

Nasi Ayam Penyet RM 9.90 

This is for our late dinner which is Nasi Ayam Penyet , please guys try this dish it is so so so delicious I give 10/10. This restaurant is located near with Kota Kinabalu Airport . It is Warung Bandung restaurant is a must okay. 

On my very last day in Sabah, I visit to Pasar Philippine wheres you guys can buy souvenirs to your family or friends . They have a lot of choice which is located in the middle of Kota Kinabalu city , sorry I don't take picture of this place because I was to eager to buy souvenirs.  The price it is quite reasonable for some stuff you guys really have to know in tawar- menawar. Some stuff for me it is quite expensive for example pearl stone it is quite expensive . One pearl it cost RM 50 so I tawar get 3 pearl stones I got for RM 70 so in this stuff you really need expert in tawar menawar skills and have to do survey from one shop to another . For me eventho they sell same stuff you guys must do the survey okay. 

End my journey for two weeks , sorry if you guys only get quite small information because I spend a lots of time  in shopping mall it has Chinese new year sale that time huhu and it is quite disappointed because I do not have any chance to go any Sabah island because the weather is not good but someday I will go back to Sabah just to visit the islands here. They have a lots of beautiful islands you guys can visit here .  So yeah and for friendly advice please take a good care of our environment and please do not throw any rubbish in the sea or road I kind of feels sad when there have a lots of rubbish in this beautiful place. Kesian bumi. 

Please take a good care of our environment and be eco tourist person cewah. You love travel, you love nature and you love cleanness . Say no to rubbish . Cewah. 

Thanks for reading .



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