wordless Wednesday #2
Wednesday, 27 February 2013 @ 02:40

Second semester it just great, we still close each other like always, hang out, do some crazy stuff , haunting our crush again and again  . I should admit it someday I will miss my life and my friends in matriculation , yeah is really hard to met them, we from different country , some from Kedah, Peneng, Pahang , Kelantan . It's impossible  to meet again . 

Since lately, too many trials happen to me, sometimes I do not know whether I'm strong  enough to face it.This is beyond my expectations  but I still gave strength to the spirit and feel that this is a test from Allah Almighty . Allah  gives trials to people who can handle it. Many  people are facing trials, massive from me, but why they can handle it with a smile, laughter, I must  be strong. One day the truth will emerge.

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