Life as it's seem like
Thursday, 22 November 2012 @ 05:27

pht by myself

Packing up some stuff, tomorrow I'll go back to hometown then Sunday my parents drop me at my 'lovely prison' , almost two week I ade kat rumah. Macam kejap je kan ?. So I spend my semester break just staying at home . Really? Well yes, shopping? for sure almost one whole week tu everyday I keluar shopping, maklumlah nak qodor balik mase duduk kat Matriculation tak ley nak keluar shopping sangat. Then malam tidur sampai dua tiga pagi sebab tengok movie with my lovely little sister 'eja' .

I don't know why, I'm supper dupper exited want to go back my 'prison' because I want to meet my sayang, bukan satu tapi dua. Ahah I brought something for them I hope their will love it. Surprise!.  'Them' refer to my best friend . Maziah and Afiqah, who a lot   taught  me  about life.  You know what? When you meet up more person you will know what life means to be . You'll learn to know their feeling and their background then without you realize you'll thank to God that you're lucky was born in your family. If you think your life pathetic ? there more people pathetic as you thought  .You still have your both parents but somebody out there,  their parents already gone.What  will happen when your friends suddenly say 'I miss my mom' that he or she an orphan , what you gonna do? Yes, give her or him a cuddle but is that enough? . *Duhh why I'm so dramatic tonight? Okay forget it.

So this is my life in Matriculation for first sem -

A one P three 

At the middle  ketua Praktikum 

Pink, penolong Praktikum *cantik kn 

Aktiviti balut ketupat, *this is Maziah

Urusetia mini kakom for netball the result, my skin getting darker 

With the 'em  girls 

#Having fun with girls before PSPM (first semester)

time to swim!

Golf field .. so green 

pose here pose there . 


I hope I still can continue  my studies  in second sem wish me luck for the result . Amin .