Goodbye first semester-
Friday, 19 October 2012 @ 06:17

Finally first semester almost over, I don't know why I'm so exited to end this semester and get out from this Matriculation, is not this matriculation kind of boring but maybe their system too tight I not used to. Just maybe . So today our last day our  'mentor mentee ' . Frankly, I almost cry ( sedih kot) but tahan muke buruk nagis kot , so there's a few things we done together today-

view lake Matriculation Pulau Pinang 

phs   and edit by myself 

So wish and pray for us, get 4.00 in PSPM first semester .

Goodbye -First Semester
Goodbye- Our lecture first semester ( sorry if ter-kutuk or me-gutuk )
Goodbye- First semester syllabus

Goodbye - Our first sem crushes ( sumber- piqa, the black- maz and Mr. Ash- me) 

Hello -PSPM
Hello -Second Semester
Hello- New Lecture ( new gossip)
Hello- Second Semester syllabus ( please be easy)
Most Important
HELLO- our future crushes ( tukar orang la pulak ) 

No matter what the days coming or what sem we'll be thru together  .Our friendship never ends. Love them .