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my first wishlist accomplished

First of all Olass and salam haha i think you  know right what about my post today haha 21 march 2012 tarikh  keramat for SPM candidates 2011 yeah after waiting days by days then finally the result it's coming out now you guys read ever single words and don't skip even it's the boring part :).

Okay as you know i live in PJ but i school in KL haha how it's goes haha naa i just move on here . Okay back to the topic so kiranya from PJ to KL it take about one hour the journey so you know what mase nak bath time i dah start shaking sejuk jer sebab lagi beberapa minit nak pukul 10 i bertolak 10.45 takot dah haha.
Then papa hantar ye laa mase on the way nak ke KL i rase macam nak  keluar dari kereta nak buang je signboard yg bertulis AMPANG .

in car
papa : Along target bape ?
me : Entahlah *suara dah ketar-ketar tahan nak menagis i mmg nak menagis
papa: Trial hari tu dapat berapa ?
me : Entah (padahal ingat i dapat 1A je tu pun art!) *sorry papa saya tipu

Then sampai kat kawasan sekolah papa just drop i je coz papa nak pergi rumah lama sampai tu dalam pukul 11 camtu . Mase nak masuk kawasan sekolah i tu dupdupdup arrh tak pernah rase se gelabah and se nervous ini.
I pun on the way then i saw Amila and her cousin Batisya

mila : Didyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
me : Milaaa !! 
mila : Eh didy cepat ambik result !!
me : eh kenapa kenapa ?
mila : Ambik cepat 
me : Awak kite nak nagis ney (i try tahan malu la orang tgk i nagis seriously  freak out! )
mila : Tak pe pergi jer (she give me a warm hug ) *thanks mila btw i love your handbag so much!
me : Hidup ke mati ?
mila : Hidup hidup . Tak nak tnya kite ke berapa ? 
me : Berapa?
mila : Enam! 
me: woaaa
then i terus naik ke dewan,  ramai laa tegur i but sorry guys and girls that time i memang takot sangat so i terus jalan it's not mean i ignore you guys cuma you know i'm totally freak out!

then mase kat dewan i dengar Ema dgn Ily jerit nama i and dorang suruh ambik result so i pergi kat table yg ade '5 ar-razi' then i cari laa then ustaza bg slip she said tahniah diyana 6 a, i macam terdiam still pegang tangan ustaza then i cry and cry  dah tak ley tahan dah i don't know whether because i'm happy or what because my target to get 8 a's 2 b tapi dapat 6 a's 2b 2c  haha  then ustaza pulak give me a huge hug then time tu jugak cikgu Lim nak tangkap gambar time i nagis pulak tu, please teacher jgn masuk dlm magazine sekolah gambar tu i bg teacher 50 git, please i'm sure mesti buruk punya gambar i tgh nagis pulak tu !

Pn.Suhaimih bg this little cute Korean patung sebsb dpt science A

I jumpa cikgu-cikgu cakap thanks atas doa and ilmu ajar mmg thank you la teachers all the teachers! And i also say that congrats to our class 5 Ar-Razi 2011 ramai dapat 7a,6a and 5a congrats guys and girls

in car
papa: haa dapat bape ?
me: papa drive la dulu 
papa: Alaa jap lagi traffic light merah mana-mana nak tengok.
me: alaa nah
papa: bapa A umm satu,dua,tiga,empat,lima,enam haa Tahniah ! 
me : Haha 6 je laa (i'm happy bila tgk papa senyum thanks Allah akhrinya i dapat make my parents proud i'm so thankful to you Allah)
papa: apa yag A sebut* traffic light  kembali hijau
me : Umm account , sejarah ,science ,math ,art , agama
papa : Ouh boleh ambik course Account
me: Please la tak nak, nak fashion designer ! haha 
papa : Okay okay 

i'm so happy tgk my parents happy ,ya Allah thanks kabulkan doa i. Thanks so much Allah !

p/s kepada yg dapat straight A's congratulation ye and kepada yg tak tu  don't give up okay failure is the way to successful. Belive in yourself setiap kejadian pasti ade hikmahnya okay tak semestinya berjaya sekarang berjaya selama-lamnya same goes if you fail once doesn't mean you'll fail  forever, our parents always pray all the best for their children .Don't give up that all :).

pp/s nenek call tadi haha nenek cakap nenek doakan i then nenek cakap terima kasih sebab bangga kan parents i ya Allah i memang bersyukur sangat . Thanks Allah for everything and selamat mengerjakan umrah pak jang i pada hari ini :)


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